New Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business

New Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business

Explore a fresh wave of innovation with our latest compilation of cutting-edge free tools designed to supercharge your business. This dynamic collection features newly released resources spanning diverse categories, from advanced analytics and collaboration platforms to intuitive marketing solutions. Stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of these new tools to amplify efficiency, foster creativity, and drive unprecedented growth for your business. Embrace the future of entrepreneurship with these exciting additions, tailor-made to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Elevate your strategies and workflows with the latest and greatest free tools, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of success.

Free Website

  • Layers: A WordPress site builder so simple. It’s free, forever.
  • Bootstrap Zero: The largest open-source, free Bootstrap template collection.
  • Landing Harbor: Promote your mobile app with a free landing page.

Free Branding & Logo

Free Invoice

  • Wave: Free & easy accounting, invoicing and more.
  • Free invoice generator.

Free Idea Management

  • Experiment Board: Test your startup idea without wasting time or money.
  • Get from idea to execution.
  • Kiss: Free legal docs for startup founders and investor.

Free Writing / Blogging

  • BlankPage: Writing made simple.
  • Wattpad: The world’s largest community for readers and writers.
  • Known: A single site for the content you create.
  • Wattpad: The world’s largest community for readers and writers.
  • Dbook: Structured and collaborative writing for large documents.
  • CoSchedule: Blog post headline analyzer.
  • When you return your text will still be here.
  • Free Summarizer: Summarize any text online in just a few seconds.

Find (Trending) Content (Ideas)

  • Ruzzit: Find the most shared content on the web.

Free Image Optimizers

Free Image Editors

  • Pablo: Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds.
  • Colorcinch: AI-powered specialty effects that turn your photos into sketches

Free Video Editors

  • FlexClip: FlexClip is a simple yet powerful video maker and editor for everyone.

Free Email Management

  • Mandrill: The fastest way to deliver email. Free 12K emails/month.
  • Mailgun: The Email Service For Developers. Free 10K emails/month.
  • Sendgrid: Delivers your transactional and marketing email. Free 12K emails/month.
  • Sendinblue: Free 9K emails/month.
  • Mailtrack: The best free email tracking solution.
  • Beefree: Free Email editor to build responsive design messages.
  • Canned Emails: A minimal site with prewritten emails.

Free Guides & Courses

Free Social Media + Community Management

Free Customer Service & Engagement

  • Batch: The first-ever 100% free engagement platform for mobile apps.
  • Helprace: Customer service tool. Free for up to 3 agents for small support teams.

Free Design Resources

Free Color Pickers

  • PLTTS: Free color picker.
  • Color Picker: Identify the precise color of anything you see in your browser.

Free Stock Photography

Free Typography

  • Adobe Edge Fonts: The free, easy way to get started with web fonts.
  • Typekit: A limited collection of fonts to use on a website or in applications.

Free Icons

Free Useful Stuff

  • Sonics: Free packs of UI sounds and sound effects delivered to your inbox every month.

Free Develop / Code Things

  • Hive: First free unlimited cloud service in the world.
  • DigitalOcean: Cloud web-hosting service(free $100 for 60 days).
  • GitHub: Build software better, together.
  • BitBucket: Git and Mercurial code management for teams
  • Chisel: Chisel offers an unlimited number of fossil repositories.
  • Visual Studio: Comprehensive collection of developer tools and services.
  • Landscape: Landscape is an early warning system for your Python codebase.
  • Swiftype: Add great search to any website. Free with limitations.
  • Gather all the data you want & start getting the answers you need.
  • Coveralls: Test coverage history and statistics.
  • LingoHub: Free for Small Teams, Open Source usage and Educational projects.
  • Codacy: Continuous Static Analysis designed to complement your unit tests.
  • Searchcode: Search over 20 billion lines of code.
  • TinyCert: Free SSL certificates for your startup.
  • StartSSL: Free SSL certificates.
  • Opbeat: The first ops platform for developers. Free for small teams.
  • Pingdom: Website monitoring. Free for one website.
  • Rollbar: Full-stack error monitoring for all apps in any language.
  • Loggly: Simplify Log Management Forever. Free for one user.
  • Devport: Get your developer portfolio.
  • Getting Real: The smarter way to build web apps. A free book by 37signals.
  • Peek: Get a free, 5-minute video of someone using your site.
  • Creator: Build better Ionic apps, faster.
  • DevFreeCasts: A huge collection of free screencasts for developers.
  • Cody: A free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets.

Background Sound To Focus

  • Octave: A free library of UI sounds, handmade for iOS.
  • Free Sound: Huge database of free audio snippets, samples, + recordings.
  • Deep Focus: Spotify’s famous playlist to focus.

Organize & Collaborate

  • Raindrop: Mac app for bookmarking and reading it later.
  • Flowdock: Free for teams of five and non-profits.
  • Typetalk: Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging.
  • Slack: Free for unlimited users with few limited features.
  • HipChat: Free for unlimited users with few limited features.
  • Google Hangouts: Bring conversations to life with photos, emoji and group video calls.
  • Voveet: Simple, free 3D conference calls. Experience the difference.
  • FreeBusy: Eliminate coordination headaches when you need to schedule a meeting.
  • RealTimeBoard: Your regular whiteboard, re-thought for the best online experience.
  • Witkit: Witkit is the secure platform for teams. 50GB of free encrypted data storage.
  • Get things done with your team.
  • Asana: Teamwork without email.
  • GoToMeeting: Online meetings without the hassle.
  • Awesome Screenshot: Capture, annotate, and share your screen

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