20 Amazing Discounts You Can Get With a Free EDU Email Address

An .EDU email address from school or college can provide access to many benefits. Here are our top student email discounts!

If you've studied or worked at a higher education institution in the US, there's a good chance you've held an EDU email address from your school at some point in your life. If you're lucky, you still might have access to your EDU email account.

Because of its association with students and education, having an email from your school or college offers many perks. But what are those perks? Keep reading to discover the benefits and discounts you can tap into with your EDU email account.

Note: There are some ways to bag yourself an EDU email even if you're not involved with a school or college, but they might be a touch shady!

1. Amazon Prime

If you have an EDU email, you can grab a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime in the United States. This trial is in place of the standard free trial length, which is 30 days. After the trial period ends, you automatically become eligible for the Amazon Prime student discount. It entitles you to grab a membership for just $7.49/month.

While using the Amazon Prime student discount, you get access to all Prime's features. But, you don't get any product discounts. There are no restrictions or limits.

And, unlike some other services which offer EDU benefits, Amazon Prime does not use SheerID verification. It means anyone with an EDU email can take advantage of the cheaper rate, even if they are not a student (for example, teachers).

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Another service that doesn't use SheerID verification is Adobe Creative Cloud.

All EDU email holders are eligible for a 60 percent discount in the first year and a 40 percent discount thereafter. That means you'll only pay $20 a month for 12 months, then $30/month following the initial period.

Like with Amazon Prime, you'll have access to the entire Creative Cloud suite, comprising 20+ apps. That includes the common ones like Photoshop, Lightroom, Spark, Premiere Rush, XD, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, and many more.

The massive discount is a good enough reason to buy Creative Cloud and start working on your graphic designing skills.

3. Spotify

Spotify offers a student discount to students with an EDU email. The discount is not available to teachers with an EDU email, nor anyone else who cannot be verified as a student through SheerID.

The Spotify student discount is 50 percent. That means you will only pay $4.99 per month for the duration of your study period, up to a maximum of four years. You can maintain your discount until the end of a 12-month billing cycle if you graduate mid-way through your plan.

As a bonus, you also get Hulu (ad-supported plan) and SHOWTIME thrown in for free, meaning you'll have access to all three apps for a single low price. This will save you north of $20 a month.

Spotify does not apply the student discount to its family plans. If you live in a student house with several people and only want a basic Spotify music plan, a family plan may still prove to be more economical.

4. Office 365

Microsoft doesn't use SheerID, so anyone with an EDU email can sign up to receive the basic version of Office 365 Education for free.

That means you'll get the online versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, as well as some education-specific classroom tools that aren't available in the regular versions of Office 365. All users also get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage space for free.

5. GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub offers its Student Developer Pack to all students who can authenticate themselves with SheerID. That means teachers and other EDU email owners are excluded.

The pack includes a huge suite of free and discounted tools to help out young coders and programmers, including Canva, Name.com, Microsoft Azure, Educative, MongoDB, and more. However, GitHub offers a separate plan for teachers, which only offers free access to GitHub Team for writing code and research and GitHub Classroom for managing assignments.

6. The Washington Post

It's not only tech giants who offer benefits to students. Mainstream media companies have also gotten in on the act.

The Washington Post newspaper, for example, has an academic rate of $1/month for all students and teachers. The regular piece of a plan is $4 per month for All-Access Digital and $2 more for Premium Digital.

7. The New York Times

Similarly, there are also student discounts if you subscribe to The New York Times. Students receive a free month, then pay $1 a week. Teachers and other EDU email holders can enjoy the same service for $1.88/week.

Both plans allow subscribers to read an unlimited number of articles on any device.

8. Cell Phone Plans

The big four American cell phone carriers—AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile—all offer student discounts for people with EDU email addresses.

The exact discounts available vary considerably depending on the institution you attend and the type of plan you want. We recommend speaking to the carriers directly if you would like more information.

9. Apple

Apple offers student discounts on Apple Music, as well as its hardware, such as MacBooks and iMacs, and some of its web services.

You can save $100 on a MacBook Pro. Other savings include $50 on an iPad, and you can pick up Apple's Pro Apps Bundle (Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor, and MainStage) for $199.

Apple Music is free for a month and will then cost you $5.99 per month with free access to Apple TV+. Like Spotify, Apple Music also verifies whether you are eligible for the offer, but using UNiDAYS and not SheerID. As long as you can verify your identity with UNiDAYS, you're good to take advantage of Apple's student plans.

10. Samsung

f you have an EDU email address and can verify yourself as a student on ID.me, you can bag yourself an impressive 10% saving on any other Samsung offer that is ongoing. For example, if a laptop has a 20% discount, you can get it with a 30% discount.

11. MLB.TV

If you're a baseball fan heading back to college, make sure you grab the discounted access to MLB.TV. It's one of many student email benefits in the sporting world.

Up to 35 percent is available, depending on the plan you choose. You'll need to use ID.me to verify yourself as a student.

And remember, as with the regular MLB.TV plans, the student tier also suffers from blackouts in local markets.

12. Skillshare

Skillshare is an education website for people who want to learn new skills or broaden existing hobbies. The site runs one program specifically for students.

It offers a dedicated scholarship that includes 50 percent off a year of Skillshare premium membership for anybody with a valid EDU email address.

And if you're not lucky with that due to verification, you can also apply for free one-year membership offers, which Skillshare awards to ten participants each month. You will need to answer some questions about your financial situation when you apply for the program.

13. Student Advantage

A Student Advantage card costs $30/year for anyone with an EDU email address.

Once you are a member, you get access to a whole host of incredible student discounts. Some bargains on the platform include the following:

  • 15% discount in Sunglasses Hut
  • $12 off at Domino's
  • 50% at Office Depot
  • 30% off at Dell

There's also a whole lot more. In total, several hundred companies participate in the scheme.

14. Norton

Another immutable fact of student life is that you're going to have to connect to countless public Wi-Fi networks over the course of your studies.

Public Wi-Fi networks are notorious for hackers who want to steal your identity—so one of the best ways to stay safe is to use Norton's antivirus suite.

If you have an EDU email address, the entry-level Antivirus Plus plan is available for $20 (rather than $60). The top plan (Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus) drops from $350 to $300.

15. General Motors

A new truck probably won't be near the top of most students' wish list—even if you can afford it, there are better ways to invest your money at that age.

However, if you really must have some new wheels, have a look at General Motors college discounts. To participate, you must be a current college or graduate student or should have graduated within the past two years.

Many vehicles are available in the program, including lots of new and unused 2021, 2022, and 2023 Chevrolets models. The program doesn't include Buick, Cadillac, and GMC models.

16. Best Buy

Best Buy offers a variety of discounts to students across its physical stores and online stores. To take advantage of the deals on the web, you will need to verify that you are a student using your EDU email.

Some of the savings can be pretty big, with hundreds of dollars discounted off the price of high-spec laptops, tablets, and other productivity gear.

If you need new hardware, keep your eyes peeled for even steeper discounts around the "Back-to-School" period. Additionally, you can scour for deals throughout the year on various online shopping sites that offer cheap electronics.

17. Autodesk

Autodesk is responsible for the popular computer-aided design software, AutoCAD. It lets users create 2D and 3D drawings and is widely used in the architecture and engineering industries.

If you are studying a related field, you can be sure that AutoCAD will pop up in your course at some point.

Thankfully, the price needn't be a burden. Students and teachers can get access to Autodesk products and services with an EDU email. The apps will remain free for as long as you are eligible.

18. Kaspersky

Kaspersky offers a 15% site-wide discount to students across all of its security products. As long as you can verify your email via UNiDAYs, you're good to go.

For anyone who is still wary of Kaspersky, it offers a great suite of security products. It offers different internet protection tools, and you can protect three or more devices for a price of about $7.5 a month. The student discount makes it cheaper by 15%.

19. ASOS

Anyone with an EDU email address in the US can qualify for 10% off purchases at ASOS.

You need to provide your email address and confirm the year in which you are graduating, then ASOS will send you an email with a discount code that is valid until you graduate.

Get More for Less With Your EDU Email

Technology plays an ever-growing role in the education sector. If you're a student who's looking for student email discounts on different products and services, the websites provided above will not disappoint.