Robots That Do Construction Work – Programmable Robots Of The Future #1

This self sufficient robot in the below video may be coming to a building site near you, and he may even be your supervisor some day. A robot capable of putting up a drywall all by itself without any human support. Technology is changing faster than our ability to make sense of it, yet much of it is geared towards dealing with an uncertain future. Each episode of this series curates one genius moment being developed now to improve our lives tomorrow.

The National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan is developing a humanoid robot that is capable of performing simple construction tasks. HRP-5P can comfortably – albeit slowly – but surely install drywall and perform a range of other construction tasks. Today, we have robots laying bricks and robots assembling Ikea furniture. It seems like construction workers of the future will be robotic, and these examples are just a glimpse of that future. More to come on this topic soon!