VB.NET: How To Get Random() Numbers To Array Without Duplicates Using Random.Next()

Add this code inside a button and click it, When it runs it will execute the GetRand() function which returns the result:

 Dim arr As ArrayList = New ArrayList 'Declare your array
 Dim newNextRandom As New Random() 'Declare your random
 Dim rndCount As Integer 'Count how many times we loop
 While rndCount <= 10 'Loop until 10
 Dim nexRandom As Integer = GetRand()
 If Not arr.Contains(nexRandom) Then 'If arr does not contain this value, we add it (prevents duplicates)
 arr.Add(nexRandom) 'Add random next to your 
 If arr.Count = 10 Then 'We have our values
 Exit While 'Lets leave the loop
 End If
 rndCount += 1 'Count how many times we loop, use this to check with If statement if you want only a certain few random numbers
 End If
 End While
 For i As Integer = 0 To arr.Count - 1 'loop your array
 Dim num As Integer = DirectCast(arr(i), Integer)
 Console.WriteLine(num) 'Do stuff with the value...